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Our Services

  • NAUI Platinum Scuba Education and Certification center
  • Scuba and Snorkel equipment from all of the leading brands in stock
  • Factory trained ScubaPro Repair technicians
  • Air Fill Station
  • Paintball Air Fills
  • Wetsuits for Sale or Rental for Scuba, Water sports, Gold Prospecting
  • Local, Regional, and international Dive Excursions
  • SCUBA: Sales, Repairs Rentals, Instruction, Travel, and Air Fills.
  • ​SNORKELING: Instruction and Equipment.
  • WINDSURFING: Instruction, Sales, Rentals Clinics, and Parts.
  • PADDLE BOARDING: Sales, Rentals, and Instruction.
  • UNDERWATER SERVICES: Moorings, Metal Detection, Docks, and more.