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Bonaire became our base of operations in the Southern Caribbean after our frist trip to the Island known as Divers Paradise" in 2003.    
     Bonaire features 52 Shore dive sites and 26 Boat dive sites on Klein Bonaire. 
     We'll dive 2 -3 dives per day and you are welcome to dive as much as and as little as you would like.  
    Bonaire's Coral Reef is only a few yards from the shoreline on the majority of these dive sites,    this makes for less time (and energy wasted) getting to your dive site and more time experiencing the underwater beauty around you.
   You'll have opportunities to experience different  cool stuff like Deep Dives, Night Dives, non-penetrating Wreck Dives, Boat Dives, Shore entry dives and more
 .....or you can simply hangout near the reef with snorkeling or scuba diving in shallower areas.

We'll be staying at the Eden Beach Resort which features all the amenities you'd expect in a destination resort but with the waterfront access making Snorkeling and Scuba activities quick and easy.  A Water taxi departs from Eden Beach for Klein Bonaire every 90 minutes for those looking for 26 more Boat diving sites.

Windsurfing Bonaire
     By the way... Bonaire is one of the best places in the world to windsurf. Lac Bay has Trade Winds with an average speed of 18-22 mph daily. These winds,  along with Lac Bays shallow waters make for the perfect place for beginners and experts alike to wind surf.
Dates and Pricing options coming in October