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Discover Waiver Form

$35 Per Serson
$35 will be deducted from tuition of our NAUI Scuba Diver Certification course upon enrollemnt for one calendar year from date of your Discover
Discover Scuba Video

    Thursday November 8th 2012 from 


Ian Barclay, right, of Skin Divers Paradise in Auburn, helps Jared Webster, 10, of Auburn, with his scuba fins in the pool at the YWCA in Lewiston Wednesday afternoon. Webster was part of an introductory scuba program put on by Skin Divers Paradise of Auburn.


 I've always wanted to try Scuba Diving ~!!"


We hear this all the time, and we'd like to invite you to our Discover Scuba Program.  


Discover is the perfect opportunity for you to kick the tires, try on the gear, get under water and experience what Scuba is all about 


  Discover Scuba starts with an assessment of the students swimming ability and an introduction to the basics of Snorkeling.  

  Students are introduced  and familiarized with Tanks, Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators and all the equipment, afterwhich, they try it all on, in shallow (@3feet deep ) water. If the student has any problems, no problem, just stand up.  
  Students are taught a few basic skills  to get  some good "downtime" out of their Discover session. We'll also demonstrate to students some advanced tecniques that they would be required to learn to become a NAUI certified Diver  

  Once (and only If) the student feels
confident, we progressively dive a bit deeper and practise few basic scuba skills like ear-clearing, buoyancy control, ascending and descending.

If at ANYTIME, the student is uncomfortable with any part of the process they are welcomed to and are encouraged to stop.  Instructors, nor any other individuals, (family, friend, parent, spouse, etc) will not “push” a student beyond their level of comfort. If the student wishes to stop they are encouraged to say so.
Call 207-784-7300
us to schedule your Discover Scuba Session