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NAUI Medical Form  

Our NAUI certified Scuba Diver course will teach you everything you need to know to independently and competently scuba dive with a buddy - on your own, to explore and discover.    NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) is the most widely recognized SCUBA diving certification organization in the World.


  Barclay’s Skindivers Paradise is a NAUI Platinum Educational Center. Our Scuba Diver 101 NAUI entry-level scuba certification course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills to scuba dive safely, confidently, and competently. Students are given the tools and certification to pursue a lifetime of Underwater Adventure.

  Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are presented an internationally recognized certification card, and are considered competent to dive, with buddy, without supervision, provided the dive activities and the areas dived approximate those of training.

Course tuition $395.95


  Classroom Time

Classroom sessions will cover subjects from the previously assigned chapters of the texts. Time is allotted for review and discussion as well as answer questions on the subjects at hand before application of those specific subjects in detail in the confined waters and/or pool

Ready to study

Pool SessionsPool Session

Confined water time in the pool is typically 90 minutes held directly after classroom sessions. Pool time is crucial to develop all the before, during, and after dive skills necessary to become a self-sufficient, competent, and confident diver.   Result:

   You become a very competent Scuba Diver.



Check-out Dive in Falmouth, MaineOpen Water Dives

   The student will be required to complete open water dives.       All open water training will take place during daylight hours. Students can also choose to dive at their   favorite Tropical location .   Students will be required to use a compass underwater and exhibit a comprehensive understanding of underwater dive navigation.



  • Scuba Diver  minimum age  15 years
  • Jr Scuba Diver minimum age 10  years
  • Physicians release form. Students are required to attain and present a doctor’s approval indicating that the student has no physical ailments or limitations that would present a risk to the student or other divers.




   Students are required to own their own personal items prior to their first Classroom/Pool session. This includes: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, & Boots (packages start at $169.99)



Crystal Vu Mask
Laguna II Snorkel Jet Sport Fins 6.5mm boots


5mm hood and gloves Before their first Open Water check-out dives students
will need gloves and a hood
(packages start @$59)



NAUI  Diver Education System NAUI Education System(required $96.95)


·              200 page text book

·         Workbook

·         DVD Video

·         Dive Logbook

·         Dive tables

·         E-learning log-in code

·         Organizer


Supplied Equipment

ScubaPro  Glide Pro BCDScubaPro R395 regulator system   Steel 80cf Tanks


 With Barclay’s Skindivers Paradise there is no need to start buying Scuba Equipment immediately. Use of equipment is included free for all Pool sessions and Open Water check-out dives as part of your tuition. This includes

·         Regulators Systems

·         Gauges (Air, Depth, Compass)

·         Buoyancy Compensators

·         Tanks and Air fills

·         Weights

·         Cold Water Wetsuits (sizes small to XXL)